General Process

This is our standard process to make artworks.

General Process to Make an Artwork

Collecting Data

Getting creative brief, small research, and find keywords.
General Process to Make an Artwork

Rough Sketch

Making thumbnails based on keyword list.
General Process to Make an Artwork

Rough & Clean Sketch

Making rough and clean line art.
General Process to Make an Artwork

Convert to Digital

Convert sketch into vector or digital painting.
General Process to Make an Artwork

Final Artwork

Preparing file for client.

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About Us

We're not working on days that don't end in a 'y'


We are illustrators and graphic designers with the work experience at several design agencies, and we are trusted to serve the big companies as our clients, such as Mitsubishi, Piaggio, Nestlé, Unilever, Mondelez, etc. Based on the satisfaction of our clients and our interests to serving clients worldwide, we have established TeesLab Studio.

Designs and illustrations are very important to attract the trust of the society (target market) on certain product or company. It will definitely affect the sale of the product or the image of the company. To realize all of them, we will always work hard to give the satisfying result. Clients satisfaction is our priority.

Our mission is to give the best performance and result in order to maintain the satisfaction of our client.


Kristianus Kurnia ~ Founder
A.K.A nosKILL1343. Bachelor of Visual Communication Design, who handle illustrations, t-shirt designs, and online marketing.

Yusak Sagino ~ Co-Founder
A.K.A Daijiro74Kato. Bachelor of Multimedia, who handle multimedia, apparel productions, and offline marketing.

Jimmy Mandala ~ Co-Founder
A.K.A Replay. Bachelor of Visual Communication Design, who handle illustrations, graphic designs, and digital screen printing.

Friends ~ Support Team
A dozens of our beloved friends for backup many jobs.

What They Say

I have to say Fantastic Job!! This extremely beautiful art work. We are completely surprised with the new design for Magic-tees. Keep up the great work and look forward to more design from you guys at TeeLabs!!!! Robert Schmitt
Really impressed with the design output! TeesLab fulfill customer's needs, and the most important things are the good and friendly support from start till the end of the process! Really like it! Ijam Sabran
Felt like a friend throughout the entire process, and the result was better than I could have imagined. Adam Turner
Your professionalism makes me think that I was lucky to find a person like you. Luca
Looks great, and you worked pretty fast. Benjamin Reeves

Get in Touch

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