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Calligraphy for Tattoo Design with Rotring ArtPen 2.3

What is Calligraphy?

Calligraphy is taken from Greek words, which is Kallos (κάλλος) it means beauty and Graphẽ (γραφή) it means writing, so the meaning of Calligraphy is beautiful writing.
Calligraphy is different than lettering, we draw letters in lettering, and in calligraphy we write letters. Calligraphy has many style, it can be Western, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, both classical or modern.
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Above images is my calligraphy letters using Rotring ArtPen 2.3. I’m not using this pen for a half year, the ink doesn’t flowing perfectly, I must clean it.
I got the sentences from my client, I don’t know exactly what that means :P
Sorry I’m loosing the second sketch, I accidentally spilled water on it before I take the picture.

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