Fantasy Drawing “Peaceful Island”

Surreal Fantasy Drawing with Rotring Rapidograph Pen
Fantasy Pen Drawing Gadang House Peaceful Island from Imagination
Fantasy Drawing with Rapidograph Technical Pen
Pen Drawing Inspiration from Imagination Island on the Sky
Peaceful Island Fantasy Drawing Surrealism Flying Island
Pen Drawing Style, Artistic T-Shirt Design

Fantasy Drawing with Rotring and Staedtler Pen

A few days ago I watched documentary channel on tv, about the most peaceful and beautiful island in the world, and that made me think to drew about it but with my imagination. I think to made a symbolism about I’ve a small island that flying on the sky with a big house for my families, girlfriend, friends, and you :P (btw I can’t drew all of them, because this is just a symbolism and I don’t want this illustration looks crowded), and no modern influences. Perfect life :)
As you can see, there’s a beautiful house on this artwork, that’s rumah Gadang or in English is Gadang House, traditional houses from Minangkabau, West Sumatra. I really like that house architecture, it looks beautiful. Btw for the tools, I used Rotring 0.3, 0.2, and Staedler 0.1 to drew it.
That’s the main idea for this pen drawing, I really appreciate if you like it on instagram.

Thanx for coming, Cheers :D

Old paper stock photo credit: Ftourini, thanx for this awesome paper.

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