• FAQ About Service

Because a lot of our artworks got stolen, we’re rarely updating portfolio online.
If you’re interested to order our service, we will send a fresh PDF contain our latest portfolios.

Illustration for t-shirt, poster, promotion, etc.
Graphic design for branding, packaging, marketing, promotion, etc.

Please send us your request briefly and detail, including your budget, to support[at]teeslab.com.

Illustration: We will send you some rough sketches (usually 2-3 alternatives). After your approval, we will create the final result.
Graphic design: We will send you some designs for your alternative (usually 3-5 alternatives).
Amount of alternatives are depending on the project type, do not hesitate to ask us for more info.

During sketching process, you have 3 major revision, such as changing composition, the pose, etc.
When you get your final design, you only have 3 minor revision, such as changing the color, the font, etc.
Graphic design:
We will send you some designs for your alternative, if you don’t like any design from first proposal, and you want order new alternatives, you must pay as 2 projects. We always do the best we can, but if you didn’t like our first proposal and don’t want to pay for new alternatives, please find another designer who will fit your taste. We take this action to avoid art thief and not serious buyer.

– For logo, branding, etc, after you pick one of the design, you have 3 revision.
– For packaging design, if you want to register your packaging to FDA, the text revision is unlimited until FDA approve your packaging.

We pay a lot of attention to details on our works, even the smallest part, so we will not send the design before we satisfied with the result.
You will get systematic final artwork, well managed, ready to use, and high quality.

Master file with different file types so you can open it using your favorite software.

All payments processed securely Paypal. If you would like to use credit card, all payments by credit cards are processed securely via PayPal.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. The payment is after the design are finished. If you are satisfied and want to pick the design, you pay the invoice and we will send the final artworks. You don’t need to pay a down payment, risk free. If you are not satisfied with our result, you can cancel the project and find another designer.

We are fully confident with our skills. Since 2013, 99% of our clients are happy with our final result. 90% of our clients always repeat order, some of them has been order more than 50 projects, if our quality is not good, people will not order for the second time.

Depend on difficulty.
Illustration prices usually around $200 – $1000
Graphic design usually around $200 – $2000

Yes you can, we are doing this kind of partnership with some of design agencies. But please tell us first so we know about it.

• FAQ about our freebies

The rules bellow is for our freebies that we create, such as our free mockups and free vector. Sometimes we share freebies resources from another site, and the download link will be redirected to their creator, so please check the license correctly, because those freebies may has a different rules.

Yes, you can use our freebies for any projects, both personal or commercial project.

No. You’re free to use our freebies without attribution link or credit link. Because IMO the attribution text sometimes can destroy your design or your presentation for your client. However, we would happy if you give us an attribution link if possible.

No, you do not have to ask us first. Just use it and enjoy :)

No, we share our freebies to help people who might need it. Example: you can not sell the mockup or vector freebies in marketplace website.

Free Mockup: You can sell your design that you create and put on the mockup, but you can’t sell the mockup PSD file.

Free Vector: If our free vector is a part/element of your poster design or brochure, or anything else, you can sell our free vector in editable form (vector format), but not in 100% original form. Please keep in mind this is a free stuff so maybe has been downloaded dozens times, so much better if you modified the design somehow.

Yes of course, and thank you for share it, but please do not reupload our freebies. The download link must be on our website. The reason is to make the license clear.

We share our freebies for free, you do not have to pay, but you must share related article first to social media to unlock the download link. We do this method in order to know which one is the most popular freebies, so we can focusing to share specific type.

Sorry for the inconvenience, please try to refresh the page. Or pause Adblocker for a while, because some Adblocker detect the buttons as ads. If it doesn’t work, email us, we will send the download link manually.