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Nescafe Java Jazz 2013 Wallpaper Design

Nescafe Journey Java Jazz feat Raisha, J-Rock, Nicholas Saputra

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Nescafe Journey Java Jazz 2013 | Wallpaper Design

Nescafe Coffee History Illustration | TeesLab

Wallpaper Design for Nescafe Stand

Hi fellas, do you remember about Java Jazz 2013 event in Jakarta a few month ago? You certainly know Nescafe have a big stand there, and did you see the background that covered the whole stand? I’m the designer of that background, sounds cool right? ;P
The main concept is history of coffee, how do they make great coffee. I was adding photo effect that look like painting effect on canvas to make more interesting design.

J-rock, Nicholas Saputra and Raisha are Nescafe ambassador for this time. Listen Nescafe commercial music featuring J-Rock below.

Project Details
Client: Nestlé Indonesia
Creative Designer: Kristianus Kurnia
Account Executive: Decrission Jacob
Agency: Imago

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