What is Screen Printing (Definition)

What is Screen Printing (Definition)

Screen printing (also called Silk printing for some people) is one of printing method that using a special porous fabric/mesh and stencil film to blocking the ink. Screen printing actually started with silk as a medium but then has improved to using stretched out porous, perfectly woven nylon and also polyester fabric.

Screen Printing Process. TeesLab T-Shirt Design Studio

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Nowadays, screen printing are very popular for promotion, commercial, personal expression, art, etc. This a cheap type of advertising that generates a lot of opportunities for a new company to build up an impression in the market, or even for an already well known company to increase excellent recognitions.

How to Screen Print. TeesLab T-Shirt Design Specialize

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The most popular term of screen printing is called photographic emulsion. In short, photographic emulsion is a method where a photosensitive chemical is hardened and exposed to ultraviolet lighting (bulb or sun), with the wanted stenciled design, the monochromatic design is moved onto the object such as listed above (tees, plastics, etc). The method is finished by cleaning away the unwanted emulsion which was not hardened by the lighting in solvent liquid or water. So finally, it actually leaves just the wanted screen printed graphic on the medium/screen.

Cool T-Shirt Design for Screen Printing

With powerful flexibility and variety of applications across various products and materials, screen printing is becoming a popular form of creative area. With uses various from fabrics, plastic, glass, acrylic, wood, or even metal, you can find almost nothing screen printing could not complete, and the most popular is apparel product, especially t-shirt.

Everyone are wearing a t-shirt with many type of design or illustration on it. We are usually choosing the design as an our expression. This proves that We all need a screen printing, it’s impossible to walking on the streets without discover hundreds of screen printing product everyday. Everything from softdrink cup, t-shirts, flag, car decal, are all make with screen printed. With any lots of different uses, screen printing has a variety of different techniques to be accomplished.

Cool Custom T-Shirt Design, Illustration. Dark, Hip Hop, Fantasy, etc. TeesLab Studio

The most important part in screen printing is the design or illustration, great illustration will make the screen printing result look great. So if you want a cool t-shirt, you must using a cool graphic. An awesome t-shirt design would increase your businness income, and your company image. This is a great businness opportunity, because everyone wearing a t-shirt at any age.

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Chinese Dragon T-Shirt Design

Chinese Dragon T-Shirt Design

Chinese Dragon Zodiac Vector Illustration for T-Shirt Design

Freelance Illustrator for Hire T-Shirt Designer

Oriental Dragon Custom T-Shirt Design TeesLab

Cool Chinese Dragon Illustration Custom T-Shirt Design TeesLab

Chinese Dragon T-Shirt Design

Dragon is very popular in Asian culture. Chinese dragons are mythical animals in Chinese folklore and also in Chinese mythology. In Chinese illustration , dragons are usually displayed as long body with 4 feet (but I like the shape with no feet, some people call the dragon as “Dragon Snake”). In Yin Yang, a dragon is Yang symbol and yin is a Phoenix (Fenghuang).

Chinese dragons historically represent a potential, big powers. The dragon can be a representation of power, and best of luck for those who are worthy of it. The Emperor of China usually using the dragon for a symbol of his imperial strength and power.

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