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What is Vector Graphics Benefits

Images have an important role in all types of design. In case you see a business card, billboard, or even your favorite social media site, you will realize that images bring the design an artistic appeal and also deliver the information perfectly. There are mainly two types of images base , raster and vector. They may seem to be same but raster and vector images are very different base. Vector are made from connecting points and also their resolution are flexible. Graphic designers and illustrator usually love to using this format in their projects because of the several advantages of it. Here we go…

What is Vector Graphic Benefits and Description
1. Scalable Perfectly
This is really the best benefit of vector graphics, and the most important point in graphic design. Almost all professional designers using vector format for creating logos because the image doesn’t distort if you adjust the size. Your clients will certainly using his company logo in various sizes also in various places, even for 5m billboard. A vector images never loses it quality when it’s enlarged and scaled down to any size.

What is Vector Graphic Benefits - Scalable
2. No Image Distortion
If you try to enlarge a raster images, it becomes pixilated (blurry) and the image loses the details. However, if you enlarge a vector images, it never gets blurry. You are able to increase the size of a vector graphics to any size you like to without having to worry about the image quality. Cool!

What is Vector Graphic Benefits - Easy to Make
3. Handy to Design
You can create a vector graphic using some software, such as Illustrator, Corel Draw, or Draw Plus. All these application are user-friendly you will be able to design wonderful graphics with their tools, each software has their own power. The good thing about a vector graphics is because it can be created and edited easily better than raster, and you will definitely get a cool result.

What is Vector Graphic Benefits - Easy to Edit
4. Easier to Modify
If you want to edit a graphic, you don’t have to edit the whole of them. The parts of a vector graphics can be edited separately and can make your work easy. Pick the elements you want to edit and then focus on it without disturbing other parts of the design.

What is Vector Graphic Benefits - Lightweight File Size
5. Smaller File Size
Images loading is a big issue in web development. When your site visitors need to wait for a long time only to see an image, they will leave your website. Vector images has smaller file size when compared with raster images, because raster images usually has different data in each pixel. For an example, vector illustration vs digital painting image, or flat style vs web 2.0 button, etc.

Vector Graphics for Cool Detailed Illustration
6. Great for Detailed Illustrations
If you want to create a detailed illustration, then it’s always better to draw it in vector because by using dots and lines, you can create sharp illustrations, and really easy to modifying the element. But for some case, raster image (digital painting) much quicker than vector.

Vector Graphics for Print Design
7. Looks Great When Printed
Other main advantage of vector artworks is that not just looks great in website, but in print also. If you create your print advertisement in vector format, you will assured that the ads will keep all their visual appeal.

Vector Graphics for Animation and Cartoon Character Design
8. Ideal for Animation and Cartoon
Vector is an ideal option for animation and cartoon character. In case you are developing a company presentation, you can use vector graphics for it.

These are generally the benefits of vector graphics. You can use vector graphics to provide a small file size, scalable, professional and interesting design for your clients. But it’s depend on your need, in some projects designer need to chose raster graphic.

What do you think? :)

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